Friday, January 14, 2011

With a Twist

We certainly had a bit of excitement at our house yesterday afternoon, while I was getting ready to go to the painting class. We heard sirens going by, but when they stopped out front ,I went to look out our bathroom window to see why they stopped so suddenly, I saw flames in our yard and the Firemen were there putting out the fire... Thank You, Thank You!!!! Thank You  also to whomever it was who called for us. We had no idea ,and so are very grateful for that help...
I had so much fun at the class last night, it was great. There were 35 people to take the class, a full house, and it made for a lot of fun. I pretty much forgot about the fire for the whole time I was there..Tobey did a great job teaching the class and I am excited to have gotten to watch and learn from her. She was able to have two assistants to help for such a big class and everything went very smoothly.
Tonight at Skippers Smoke House is Marcia Ball and we are planning to attend , so on with the fun...

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