Friday, January 28, 2011


 Okay so I seemed to have been a bit cocky about this new soup I was making to take to our book club meeting on Saturday. I read the instructions, it didn't seem too bad. I love to make soup and have been doing so very often for over a year.. so  why then was the first taste I took so spicy hot it took my breath away??? I added chicken broth and added white wine and added water and sugar and chocolate chips and then had two large pots full of spicy hot soup.... At dinner time we three decided  K.F.C. was the answer to dinner and while eating that I read over the list of ingredients....Imagine my surprise ,I had put 1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes when it had called for one forth teaspoon....WOW is my mind scattered right now or what?? I got it to the point that you could eat it but it is spicy!!!! Maybe new recipe's are not the way for me to go right now. Maybe next year I will try a new one, give myself time to get over this...  anyway no cooking for me today, its my first painting class to teach in over four years so I will just concentrate on that.


  1. The soup turned out fine. Congrats on your first class, way to go!! You're going to do great and be sure to just breathe and have fun! Mwah!!

  2. Hope your first class tonight was fabulous. I can't wait to taste the soup!