Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday's Child

I ended up having a great day ,even starting out with that headache. I was up and out early. Sam's club at 8:30,Mimi's at 9:00, with the girls, got gas for 2.98 a gallon,{first time in a month it was under 3.} On to Mom and Debs to visit a bit before going home to doctor the soup and head for book club.
Thank You Melissa, you were a very good hostess, your new place is very nice and comfortable.
We ate and ate and talked about the book a bit and ate and ate....Yummy !! All Italian , every ones favorite... Congrats go out to J. and J. that's wonderful news!!!
I got home at 5:30 to find a girl standing down by the pond, I drove down toward her and she turned to walk away but was on the phone with someone, and as I parked there to watch her go , her friend came strolling out of the little log cabin .I ask what they were doing and he answered he was checking it out, and by the way could he have the old bottle he found in there? I answered did you see the no trespassing sign and he said yes he had and he was sorry, then he turned and walked away ,getting on the phone to his girlfriend, as I sat and watched them go!!!
Note to self, Time for a new lock on the log cabin door!!!!

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