Saturday, January 29, 2011


 The first class has been done and I had a great time. There were ( 9 people there) a small manageable class.Thank You! Thank You!  I Got the first paint spill over with too. In the first few minutes I was there, I squirted navy blue( dark) paint and it went all the way across the room and all over the only rug in the place... Oh Yeah!!!  I seem to be having one of those weeks. Anyway, I started cleaning it up, when out comes the boss with a (What happened here?) He was very nice about it and helped me get it up.. The rest of the evening went well ,Thank You very much!!! Things can only get better from here on , Right???
Is it any surprise to anyone that I awoke today with the first migraine of the new year?? certainly no surprise to me, Stress Much??
Today is our book club meeting and I am bring the soup, We shall see how that goes over. It is being held at Melissa's new condo [that took her over six months to get,] but she is finally in,and I am taking her the two dog paintings as a house warming gift ,so that should make up for the soup...
 I sure hope everyone has a great Saturday... Happy Gasparilla to all... now on with this beautiful day!!!

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