Monday, January 3, 2011

Sketch Books

I worked the entire day yesterday to get three more sketches done in the Art House sketch book 2011, and only have three more sketches to do to finish the book. My theme for this one is " Down your Street". The new sketch book challenge theme is "Highly Prized," for January ,so as soon as I finish this one, I will start on that one. I have learned so much this year from working in my sketch books and following Urban Sketchers. Wow!! Thank You! Thank You!! The practice on location has really taught me to see what I am looking at, and to be able to record it with some accuracy.What fun I have had! This Locaton sketch was of the psychic's store that our whole book club went to visit, after reading a book by a psychic.We really enjoyed the book of fiction, so thought we should visit one to see what it was all about. Fun! When the Art House sketch book arrived in the mail to me, I thought it was so thin I would be finished in no time, but I have had it four months now and it is due in the mail by January 15th. and I still have three more to do. That should teach me to be so smug.

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