Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday's Child

I ended up having a great day ,even starting out with that headache. I was up and out early. Sam's club at 8:30,Mimi's at 9:00, with the girls, got gas for 2.98 a gallon,{first time in a month it was under 3.} On to Mom and Debs to visit a bit before going home to doctor the soup and head for book club.
Thank You Melissa, you were a very good hostess, your new place is very nice and comfortable.
We ate and ate and talked about the book a bit and ate and ate....Yummy !! All Italian , every ones favorite... Congrats go out to J. and J. that's wonderful news!!!
I got home at 5:30 to find a girl standing down by the pond, I drove down toward her and she turned to walk away but was on the phone with someone, and as I parked there to watch her go , her friend came strolling out of the little log cabin .I ask what they were doing and he answered he was checking it out, and by the way could he have the old bottle he found in there? I answered did you see the no trespassing sign and he said yes he had and he was sorry, then he turned and walked away ,getting on the phone to his girlfriend, as I sat and watched them go!!!
Note to self, Time for a new lock on the log cabin door!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


 The first class has been done and I had a great time. There were ( 9 people there) a small manageable class.Thank You! Thank You!  I Got the first paint spill over with too. In the first few minutes I was there, I squirted navy blue( dark) paint and it went all the way across the room and all over the only rug in the place... Oh Yeah!!!  I seem to be having one of those weeks. Anyway, I started cleaning it up, when out comes the boss with a (What happened here?) He was very nice about it and helped me get it up.. The rest of the evening went well ,Thank You very much!!! Things can only get better from here on , Right???
Is it any surprise to anyone that I awoke today with the first migraine of the new year?? certainly no surprise to me, Stress Much??
Today is our book club meeting and I am bring the soup, We shall see how that goes over. It is being held at Melissa's new condo [that took her over six months to get,] but she is finally in,and I am taking her the two dog paintings as a house warming gift ,so that should make up for the soup...
 I sure hope everyone has a great Saturday... Happy Gasparilla to all... now on with this beautiful day!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


 Okay so I seemed to have been a bit cocky about this new soup I was making to take to our book club meeting on Saturday. I read the instructions, it didn't seem too bad. I love to make soup and have been doing so very often for over a year.. so  why then was the first taste I took so spicy hot it took my breath away??? I added chicken broth and added white wine and added water and sugar and chocolate chips and then had two large pots full of spicy hot soup.... At dinner time we three decided  K.F.C. was the answer to dinner and while eating that I read over the list of ingredients....Imagine my surprise ,I had put 1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes when it had called for one forth teaspoon....WOW is my mind scattered right now or what?? I got it to the point that you could eat it but it is spicy!!!! Maybe new recipe's are not the way for me to go right now. Maybe next year I will try a new one, give myself time to get over this...  anyway no cooking for me today, its my first painting class to teach in over four years so I will just concentrate on that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

And Paint I Did!

 I had a pretty good night Tuesday night, my first night as an assistant, considering a rough weather start. Amy, Eric and Jalyn were a part of a group of 19 people that show up in that nasty weather, but we all had a blast.
The teacher of the evening ask me to teach her Friday night class this week, so I had to go yesterday A. M. to do a pre- paint, so while I was there I ended up doing two paintings at once...while a morning class was being taught...
In my usual style, I was using the thumbnail picture as my guide, not realizing that there was an 8x10 on the back I could have been they both turned out fairly well considering ....They are going to both be three hour classes and I was able to finish both in three hours and ten minutes, I was pleased.. These are all done in an Impressionistic style and me being a realistic painter, it is going to loosen me up but good... another one of life's lessons I am getting to learn. I am so looking forward to teaching my first class,(getting that over with.)
I made my self sick I was so worked up before the night began Tuesday, so I got that over with and won't have to be so nervous tomorrow, Right??? I guess we shall see!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Beginnings

Today is the first day to the rest of my life,Ha! Ha!  But it is my first day on the new job, and I am so looking forward to it. Imagine my surprise,When I looked at the calender for Feb., [I had looked countless other times and no teachers names were attached,] but this time at 9:00 A. M. yesterday I saw my name as head teacher on three different dates.. Wow!! I am so excited.... Thank You! Thank You! Tonight they already listed 27 people signed up for the class before Amy, Eric and Jalyn  signed up.. I can't wait to get started..
It is cloudy now, but a mild 64  and we are expecting a storm at about the start of class time tonight.. Oh Well ,we will have fun no matter what!!!
 I worked on The two dog paintings before I went to Mom's yesterday and when I got home I worked on the sketches from the sketch crawl... Now I'm off to coat the paintings and get this day rolling!
Hope yours is a good one!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

30th Sketchcrawl

 Teresa and I headed out about noon and didn't let the weather stop us, even though it slowed us down a bit. The winds were so harsh that we had to draw sitting in the car, but we were able to get two pretty good sketches started before heading to Fresh, a new place downtown on Franklin St. with great salad and soup...

I have learned so much from Urban Sketchers web sight and from doing all my drawing on location ,as they do. Who knew it could be so much fun cramped in a car, trying to get just the right angle and putting pencil to paper no matter what else is going on around you... WOW!!! If your not already doing it, you don't know what your missing, go for it.. It makes you be a part of this life not just drifting through it..


Friday, January 21, 2011

Opening Doors

I am so excited to get to start work for P.W.A.T. on Tuesday Jan. 25th. Thank You!! Thank You!! It is the perfect job for me, doing a little painting, drink a little wine, eat a little snack, whats not to like...Everyone goes home with a good sense of accomplishment and a 16x20 finished painting that they did  themselves. WOW what a great business to be in.. building self esteem and having loads of fun...
I want to say Thank You to all who are reading my blog, I am really having fun with it and am very surprised how easy it has been to get into it...Thank you Pattie for the link you added to your new blog for mine..Hey Taylor, Congrates, I am so happy for you and Caleb....
Its raining this a.m. and 63 but the rain is bring the cold back... 
 I am headed in to work on the second dog painting in this family of dogs and then later its off to the eye doctor for pressure checks... bye for now!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 I am still waiting, one week later to the day, and have not heard a word from pwat. I am trying so hard not to be impatient, knowing they are busy running two places now, but waiting is not my strong suit...One of life's big lessons I guess. Maybe today I will just drop them a e-mail and touch base...
Meanwhile I am back to painting pet portraits again this week and am having fun with that, Its keeping me busy and  my hand in the paint, which is always good..
We had the most beautiful day yesterday, 77 degrees, sunny, light breeze.. Wy and I worked out in the yard some, enjoying the small break from our winter season.. tomorrow its back down in the thirties again...Brrr!!
 Very bizarre scene here yesterday afternoon, Wy walked out to the greenhouse and there hanging above his head in a tree branch were the bones and skin of a dead opossum.  All we can figure is the buzzards we saw in the trees yesterday must have dropped the remains and they got stuck on the way down.. never a dull moment around here it seems!!!
Saturday is the 30th sketch crawl with Urban Sketchers and I am so looking forward to it.  Teresa and I are going to make a day of it. It is also her birthday so we are going to lunch too!  It will be cool, temperature wise, and loads of fun!  Yay!  I missed the one in November so this will be a treat.

Monday, January 17, 2011


The smiles on the faces of the fire fighters made my day yesterday when I delivered the cookies. Thanks again guys,you were johnny on the spot and it was the least I could do...
The thunder is booming and the rain is pouring down today already ,supposed to do this all day and evening . I guess I will get my sketch book out to amuse myself indoors.. Most people have the day off, but it doesn't look like a good day for parades here...I can suggest reading and watching movies snuggled in P.J.s .. I am looking on the bright side as usual, we really  need this heavy rain no complaints from me..  Picture in my p.j.s for Halloween 2009  look'in good!!!!  smile!!!!!

A No Show

 Okay, Okay I know I said we were going to Skippers but guess what, We didn't make it , what ever the excuse we just didn't go.. I am sure it was great and I heard it was packed so....A no show!!! 

We had a celebration of life to go to yesterday at Ricks on the River and The Reverend Ray O Sunshine from the Church Of Florida with his Rayettes sure did lighten the mood for everyone . Thank You Rev...It was an overcast day but mild and right on the river ,soothing, good food and lots of comforting friends...What a way to go ...
I am headed into the kitchen to make cookies to take to the station as a Thank You to the guys that put out our  that's all for now folks...

Friday, January 14, 2011

With a Twist

We certainly had a bit of excitement at our house yesterday afternoon, while I was getting ready to go to the painting class. We heard sirens going by, but when they stopped out front ,I went to look out our bathroom window to see why they stopped so suddenly, I saw flames in our yard and the Firemen were there putting out the fire... Thank You, Thank You!!!! Thank You  also to whomever it was who called for us. We had no idea ,and so are very grateful for that help...
I had so much fun at the class last night, it was great. There were 35 people to take the class, a full house, and it made for a lot of fun. I pretty much forgot about the fire for the whole time I was there..Tobey did a great job teaching the class and I am excited to have gotten to watch and learn from her. She was able to have two assistants to help for such a big class and everything went very smoothly.
Tonight at Skippers Smoke House is Marcia Ball and we are planning to attend , so on with the fun...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

January's Theme!

This is my first sketch for the sketch book challenge January, "Highly Prized' . The title is "Every Stitch By Hand" . My mom made everyone of these soft sculptured dolls and many more. Here is Popeye Olive Oil and Sweet Pea, Little Lulu, Mary Poppins, Betty Boop, Snuffy Smith and Wheezy, plus more that she designed herself.. These are all highly prized by me!!! The sketch was done in a moleskin sketchbook with prisma color pencils. Mom is 84 now and still sewing every stitch by hand.. I am so proud of her!!! I am so grateful that she passed her creativity on to me, Thank You , Thank You!!
I am heading for Painting with a Twist Tampa tonight for their preview night class and I am very excited to get to partake in this evenings festivities! It opens today at the corner of Macdill and Bay to Bay from noon to four, come see what it's all about Y'all. Bye for now.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid Week

 Here we are to Wednesday, hump day and Florida is the only state in these united states that does not have snow on the ground!! WOW!! I was thinking about complaining about how it was cold out here again, but I guess I won't and I will just be very grateful to be in the great state of Florida.. Thank You ,Thank You!! I have a pot roast in the crock pot and the kids coming for dinner and all seems right with my world... I  finished the January book club book last night and really enjoyed it. It however had very little food references in it so am at a loss as to what I will bring to the table...I guess we shall see,we still have until the 29th. to decide. Okay lets see what this day brings. The fire place will come in handy today and tomorrow...

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Its my favorite day again, and I am off to meet the girls for our regular Saturday breakfast .We have not done it the last two, because one was Christmas day and the other New Years day so I am excited to get back to our regular routine, plus its supposed to be a very nice day weather wise,high 64 degrees and sunny.. Thank You!! Thank You!! I have been invited to attend the preview art class for the new store in Tampa next thursday night and that to me is the best news ever...Okay enough about that, now on with the day...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Painting Class

I had a great time last night , being a part of a whole new concept in painting classes. Thank you! Thank you! I got to do what I love to do and to see how the whole process works.I think everyone at the class had at least as much fun as I did ,and at the end of the evening a nice sense of accomplishment as well as a finished painting. I am hoping to be included in this company's list of artists at some point ,as they are opening a store in Tampa and I have applied for a position there.(wouldn't it be lovely). Anyway keep positive thoughts for me in this pursuit. Please...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gray Days

Today is going to be day three of a four or five day stretch of gray days in Florida.We are so spoiled to the sunshine here that one gray day can effect our Psyche,so imagine how I am taking the news of a few more days like this! I am so pleased that I did however, finish the sketch book yesterday and hope to get that in the mail today.ThankYou! ThankYou! I can now go back to work in the 1st moleskin I have ever owned and  have drawn in.  The colored pencils fit with the weight of the paper in this one so much better that the quality of the sketch is enhanced and therefore much more rewarding to the artist. I am going to think about and start a sketch for the new sketchbook challenge with the theme of "Highly Prized" and to continue to do the weekly Urban Sketcher Themes.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sketch Books

I worked the entire day yesterday to get three more sketches done in the Art House sketch book 2011, and only have three more sketches to do to finish the book. My theme for this one is " Down your Street". The new sketch book challenge theme is "Highly Prized," for January ,so as soon as I finish this one, I will start on that one. I have learned so much this year from working in my sketch books and following Urban Sketchers. Wow!! Thank You! Thank You!! The practice on location has really taught me to see what I am looking at, and to be able to record it with some accuracy.What fun I have had! This Locaton sketch was of the psychic's store that our whole book club went to visit, after reading a book by a psychic.We really enjoyed the book of fiction, so thought we should visit one to see what it was all about. Fun! When the Art House sketch book arrived in the mail to me, I thought it was so thin I would be finished in no time, but I have had it four months now and it is due in the mail by January 15th. and I still have three more to do. That should teach me to be so smug.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A NEW Year

A great start to a whole new year. We are at 62 degrees, at six a. m. ,right where we should be.Thank You! Thank You! We had friends over last night to play cards and ring in the New Year. The boys won,and we made it until eleven thirty, [pretty good],then company went home and I was awake for the midnight hour, tyring to calm the dogs from the constant loud booms coming from all around us.More than usual!! People seem to be more optimistic for the next year to be better than the last. I like that, because I also am an optimist and know this one is going to be better. The Christmas tree and all the trimmings come down today and the mess cleaned up, to be able to move on to bigger and better things to come. It was a very good holiday season and no one could have asked for more ,I appreciated all of it, Thank You!