Friday, January 21, 2011

Opening Doors

I am so excited to get to start work for P.W.A.T. on Tuesday Jan. 25th. Thank You!! Thank You!! It is the perfect job for me, doing a little painting, drink a little wine, eat a little snack, whats not to like...Everyone goes home with a good sense of accomplishment and a 16x20 finished painting that they did  themselves. WOW what a great business to be in.. building self esteem and having loads of fun...
I want to say Thank You to all who are reading my blog, I am really having fun with it and am very surprised how easy it has been to get into it...Thank you Pattie for the link you added to your new blog for mine..Hey Taylor, Congrates, I am so happy for you and Caleb....
Its raining this a.m. and 63 but the rain is bring the cold back... 
 I am headed in to work on the second dog painting in this family of dogs and then later its off to the eye doctor for pressure checks... bye for now!!!!


  1. You got the job - that is great - congrats - love your blog ... and thanks for helping me know I could do it. xxoo

  2. Thank you Ms. Sandi! I can't wait to see you guys in May. Love you!