Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little Rain

We are starting a new month with a little rain, which is very badly needed, so no complaints from me right now!!!Wy and I got a little more work finished outside yesterday, so it will be good to take a break from it today! We are both sore and tired, but in that good way, with a feeling of acomplishment! Thank You! Thank You! Things around here are looking better and better,espcially with the azaleas in full on bloom![another reason to be thankful for the rain today]
I am thinking about getting some seeds in pots in the next day or two to have a small container garden this year. [Just a start because I am so out of practice, and I'm going to be so busy with the new job.]We shall see!!! Anyway I am off to the store to pick out something to have for supper, what with company coming and all!! Hope everyone has a busy and produtive day!!

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