Thursday, March 10, 2011


  The sky's have opened up this A.M. and down it is coming....The noise is frightening the dogs,but the water is most needed...Thank You!! Thank You!!! 
Well I have got to hold on tight for a busy ride the next three nights. I am teaching three in a row and am very excited  by the chance to see how it all plays out....
I prepainted the third one yesterday and it went well ... So I have high hopes for a good weekend to come....
I was able to get some seeds in the dirt yesterday, and I hope I don't  find them spilled on to the deck after such a hard rain, but we shall see, I planted Three kinds of heirloom tomato's and collards and cantalope seeds... anyway I hope everyone is well and happy and will have as good a weekend coming as I intend to have....  bye for now

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