Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Can that be right??? Can we really have been back living at Lakeshore for one year today??? WOW!!! This one sure went by fast! Not to mention tomorrow is the last day in the second month of this year!! Holy Smoke!!
Yesterday was a very good day,[of course it was a Saturday, my fave.]
Wy and I started off at Mimi's for breakfast,the last one we will get to have with John and Jeanette before they leave on their big adventure.[I work next week, which is their actual last one.]
At 3:00 p. m. Pat came and we went to book club at Dana's. The food was wonderful and the company and conversation were lively. What a nice break from routine, home at 8:00p.m. fat and happy!!! Thank You Dana and everyone else for such a nice time!!!
I am really looking forward to getting to visit with Woody and Mary Ellen some this week. They couldn't"t have picked a better week to be in Fl, as far as weather is concerned ,and I have really missed them!!
What a beautiful day Sunday has started off to be !!! I sure hope it turns out to be a good one for all....

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