Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is not goodbye

We had a very nice dinner last night in honor of the next great adventure, and knowing that you guys are family makes me know this is not goodbye, but just see you a bit later,  maybe even down the road a way's!!!
Know that we love you and will miss you, but hope this is the best time of your lives.....
We will be here a while yet should you need any thing, just let us know!!!!
Today is starting off a lot cooler than the last few weeks and it feels great to me!! Thank You !Thank You!
I hope to go get some prepainting done a little later today, but we shall see....
Other people's lives are changing too in our little circle of the everyday and what looks like a upsetting situation, hopefully will be okay and maybe even turn out to be a positive in the end. We must at least hope so...
Parting in these cases is such sweet sorrow!!!
Friends will always be friends no matter how far apart they are!!!!!!!

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