Monday, February 14, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day and I feel like I got a lot accomplished.  I was out early and over to spend a little time with my mom.. We had a nice visit, then it was home to get some stuff done. I worked on getting the back porch looking better and was able to get fresh dirt on all the new plants Susan gave me and even got some of them repotted,then arranged on the deck to dress the area up nicely...Thank You Thank You!!
It was a very nice sunny day, just cool enough so that I could be comfortable working outside. YEAH!!!!
I am really looking forward to spring and that gave me a good taste of it!!!
You can not tell from these pictures but the plants are great. Thanks again Susan!!
Today has started at 38 degrees but is expected to be in the 70's, more chores to do today so I had better get started. Y'all have a good one!!!

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