Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning

Good morning all, I had a great weekend, and hope you all did the same! My Friday night class were a great group of gals and we had so much fun with the" Stroll In The Night" painting, even finishing a little early but with great success..Thank You all for coming and making it so much fun!!!!
Yesterday was Amy's birthday and we met at Ella's for a yummy soul food brunch!! I had fried chicken and waffles and sangria,and was waffle happy!!!
Today we are having a craft day at my house and I am so looking forward to that.(It has been way to long since we have done this)Maybe I will get back to the small Tampa skyline painting I started last week.
We both ended last week and have started this week with it raining, but we have been so dry here that I am Thankful to see it...

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