Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, again!!!

Here we are back to Friday again. Time is flying.Where is it going, and what is the big hurry??
I have worked two days this week already and will doing so twice on Saturday too.{Pretty good to get to go to my happy place!!}that many times in one week..
My cell phone died yesterday, after five plus years of service,and Wy and I were at the phone store to replace it early yesterday. We got almost the same version, but this one has a camera added .Who knew??
I started a small painting of the Tampa skyline and still have much work to do on it, but it is coming along. I also left my portfolio with Mr. Gay to show to his wife for ideas for future paintings of local landmarks at P.W.A.T.
I put on a pot of chicken and dumplings early yesterday and had invited Amy over for dinner,and then I was called to work so Amy, Wy, and Jalyn had dinner together.I got home about 10:30, had a bowl of ice cream {which should surprise no one} and than headed for bed.
Let us see what this Friday will bring! hope yours is a good one!!
This is the painting I am doing Saturday night!!!

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