Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hard at Work

We had a working day yesterday, out early, while it was not windy, and picked up many, many, many, sticks and limbs, and had a good fire. Finished at noon and at 2:30 p. m. I was at P.W.A.T. to do some prepainting. I got home at 6:40 and Wy and J had made dinner.Thank You ! Thank You! for the lovely dinner and company, I really enjoyed that.
I was able to get two Paintings prepainted for the beginning of a very busy month coming up. I am doing five Thursdays, one Friday and three Saturdays next month.(not that I am complaining, I am Happy to be so busy, doing what I love, and would be doing anyway...)
We had 84 degrees yesterday and it was perfect, Thank You!!! I am just thinking about all the people still having snow(Jenn and Andy)and lots more, I hope for you all ,that Spring arrives very soon!!!!

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