Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The days are flying fast and  furious, here we are to midweek again,it's 42 degrees outside, but we are supposed to have a pretty, sunny day. I got the crock pot full of turkey noodle soup yesterday, to prepare for that cold snap, and man was it yummy!!!
Today is a day of celebration of both Amy and Eric's birthdays and they are coming for dinner.I am so looking forward to putting on a spread,since very little cooking has been done with me trying to get used to a new working schedule, this will be fun. What to make??? We shall see!!
We checked on Jenn after her having all four wisdom teeth pulled last Friday morning and finally yesterday she started to sound a bit better.Thank You ,Thank You!! I know she will be glad that's finished.
I hope to paint later today,I have almost completed the Tampa skyline painting and hope to work on the Tampa U. painting next. We shall see how the day goes .
Hope y'all have a good one!!!!

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