Sunday, February 13, 2011

The warm up begins

We are starting at 39 degrees this A. M. BRR!!! But things are going to warm up, starting with a 66 today and by Friday maybe 80.WOW!! It was said that most of the country is going to have a warm up and that will be a much needed break for all concerned.
We had a very busy weekend but all good, Thank You , Thank You!!!!
Today and tomorrow are for catching up on chores and then hopefully we will get to go to Bok Tower, and visit John and Jeanette for the day, on Tuesday.We shall see!! I may be able to do some sketching there and that would give me a whole new perspective. A refreshing change of scenery! {Not that the one I have is bad}, But change is good, Right????
We had a great time at Amy and Eric's last night ! It was wonderful to get to see everyone and the food was yummy and festivities were lively and fun..A great time was had by all. Thank You! Thank You!!!

Oh! and Friday night went pretty well at P.W.A.T., we had 28 people, almost a full house and that's a lot  of new budding artists all on the loose.Pictures to follow.. oops not exactly following!! Oh Well!!!
When are Y'all going to take part??? Anyway I am off to start  my day !

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  1. Sandi, I do hope you get to do some sketching at Bok Tower. Steven and I were there this time of year two years ago, and the azaleas were Stunning! Have fun.