Tuesday, July 5, 2011

After The Holiday

And a wonderful day it was!!!
I finished up a lot of little chores I had started, Made a punch bowl cake to take to the Bar-B-Que.. and started working on adding color to the first sketch in the book.
Thank You ,Wallace and Val... Wy and I enjoyed everything, and your home is so comfortable and beautiful,Thank you for including us... The food and seeing so many old friends was great, it was a very nice evening....[ We will send pictures]
The play ,Friday Night was very funny and good, you all did a great job... I am glad to hear that the crowds picked up for the rest of the weekend..
Tonight is our book club meeting and the book is" The Other Wes Moore". I am looking forward to discussing it and eating at Marcello's.. Yum!!!
I have now gotten four sketches in the book, but only one started with color, so there is still that...
 There were many birthdays this weekend so Many Happy Returns to you all....and its back to some sort of routine for this short week... Everyone have a good one, and I will be back here again soon....

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