Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 30 of 30 in 30 Days

                        Oil on Canvas

 Lots of nice color and texture on the very last painting of the challenge.
I used the palette knife for the texture..
I wanted to do the lemons because I had already done the grapefruit and the oranges, even if both of those were on the trees.. My lime tree is bare.
A citrus series...
I bought these lemons and they were sitting on the counter waiting...
I have 7 or 8 new paintings to pre- paint for work coming up.
 I shall see what I will paint next....


  1. You go girl! I need to start my 30th painting. Are you going to keep going?

  2. You too!!! I paint daily most days but not with oils... so I will probably keep it up but with acrylics...I teach at painting with a twist so have a lot of pre-paints to do too..8 in the next two weeks... all good ,all fun....

  3. A grand finish to an excellent set!

  4. Thank you ElGuapo.. I had so much fun and made such a mess...