Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10 of 30 in 30 days

 "On The Draining Board"
Oil on Canvas

 This one is really kicking my butt... I am frustrated both with the painting and with taking a picture of it... I have taken a bunch, worked on the painting more, taken a picture and you can see no difference at all, the photo does not show the work done, so... I am just going to pick one and move on.....
One main problem is that I am trying to work too small.. I do much better with larger canvas size...
Anyway... No pain No gain.....Hopefully things will be better on the next one.... Flapping my wings and letting it go.....


  1. Great attitude Sandi. This challenge kicks butt!
    Ten in ten so far, you kick butt!!

  2. Wow! What you're frustrated with is flat out beyond my ability. Stunning!