Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My thoughts and prayers are with the people of New Orleans today... Please let all be okay.....
We ,admittedly got so lucky, it didn't make a appearance here...Wind and rain was it .
we have limbs down all over the yard and yesterday at 2:30 our old lean too greenhouse came crashing to the ground, and a yard full of water was all we got... Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!
I sure hope you guys will be able to say the same.....
Yesterday we got the car back, [Had to get a brake job] and than I was off to the grocery store for mom ,as well as me.  I hit the post office too,  with the painting I am sending to the Million Milf March to be auctioned off... it's on it's way...
We got to skype with Jenn and Aidan yesterday, he is trying to walk already,[just turned eight months] by pushing his chair, walking behind it... Too cute!!!!!
Pet Portraits went very well Sunday, we had 26 people and their really great pet paintings....Yeah!!!All the repairs were made at the North Carolina house to satisfy the insurance company and that's something else to be thankful for ....

so far a pretty good week wouldn't you say????


  1. So glad you guys are safe and your week is looking good!

    1. Thank you ...Hope yours goes as well....

  2. So glad you guys were spared! The painting is beautiful!

    1. Thank You so much... Have a good one...