Thursday, October 9, 2014

Too Quiet Now

Teresa and Mike headed home today and it is quiet around here..
The day started out so beautiful,The sun was out, the temp was 70, and I got a whole lot of chores done before ten a.m.[.Laundry,beds changed ,upstairs cleaned and straightened].
Doug came over about ten and he and I loaded his truck with stuff we do not need and he can sell at the flea market,and then he helped me move furniture around and get the basement in better shape...Thank you again Doug,for all the help...
These are some of the pictures I took at his house yesterday...What a great home he has made for himself....
By about four o'clock today it started to thunder and blow and pour down rain...It did that for about two hours and now has settled down .
And it was  a very good day...

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