Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Morning World

Wow... How could it be that we are already starting our second and last week in North Carolina??? Where did the first one go??
The wedding of Taylor and Caleb Hoover was the most beautiful I have been to in a long while ,Thank You for including us in your joyful day....Even the weather cooperated and it was sunny and warm with a light breeze...WOW!! Breath taking ,the views and the bride and groom....
As soon as we arrived, we were home again , It is so wonderful to have two places that are home upon Arrival...How did we become so lucky???
Mothers Day was another warm, sunny, beautiful day and Thank You for all the blessings..
One thing I have not mentioned here before is my disease, Scleroderma, but because I have counted my blessings for so many things here , it was brought to my attention that
I had not mentioned how grateful I am for the recovery I have been receiving for this awful disease...This is true, but I have been doing so well for so long now that I have pretty much forgotten I even have it... Thank You !!! Thank You!!!
Thank You also to The Road Back Web sight for all your help and information, you are the reason I am doing so well.. This is long over due ,Thanking you guys>>> keep up the good work....
Ya'll have a good day now ya hear!!!


  1. it was so wonderful to be with you on saturday - you captured the whole dreamy day beautifully - thank you so much for all of the pics ... love you

  2. I am so glad that you have been feeling well enough that you have not even mentioned Scleroderma in this blog before!!! :) It IS a blessing!! Thank you! <3 I love you so much.