Sunday, May 22, 2011

Full Steam Ahead

Yesterday was a very busy, long day, and a good one. Thank You!!
 We started with breakfast, and it was Jamie ,Linda and I at Mimis..
Bookclub at 1:30 at Macaroni Grill , 9 of us showed for "Heads you  Lose", and we were there until after 4:30, and then it was off to work for me to teach the "my secret Beach" picture... Thank You Becky for your help there...  We had six people and they all did a very nice job....Imagine my surprise when I looked through the window while teaching the class and I see Linda and Tom driving by and smiling and waving at me!!! A  very nice surprise!!1 Hope your dinner was good!!!!
Anyway the boss has ask me to teach the family fun day today so its off I go, in a bit to do that... Should be fun!!! I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Sunday....

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