Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Finished

 I was able to finish my sketchbook 2013 and am very happy with it.. now to send it on its way....
It is beyond belief that this is the very last day of this year..Holy Smoke,..did that fly by...
A big Thank You for all the wonderful birthday wishes and fine words from everyone.. I did have a great birthday...!!!!
Thank You, Amy for the best dinner and the book of Aidan's first year..WOW...Nice job...and what a beautiful and yummy cake....
Thank You Jamie and Bruce for the baby crib, the clothes,toys and the fun getting that crib together...Four adults try to put one piece of baby furniture together.. What a scene....   So funny...
I wish everyone a very Happy new Year!! May you have more good than bad, and more happiness than sadness in the year to come.. keep positive and look on the bright side... At least thats what I am  going to be up to... My best wishes to all... See you next year ...same time, same place ...I never get tired of touching base with you!!! so it's just bye for now,
with love ,Sandi


  1. It is beautiful, Mom!
    So glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner. I had such fin making it for you.
    Love you!