Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First week

We have spent this whole first week in the mountains, trying to find out what's wrong with the car and how to get it fixed... not fun, but at least now it is where it needs to be, to be able to get some answers..At least I hope it is.... We had to have it towed to Asheville last night and it has an appointment to be looked at on Thursday...maybe we will know something then... meanwhile, Wy and I have rented a car [ 15 person van] which is all that was available.... what a sight....We are crusing now... all the way to the Grocery store and home again... I am really enjoying the cool weather..It's 46 degrees right now and I am not sweating ...Yeah!!!!.... Thank You! Thank You! It rained most of yesterday, and I was very surprised to see the photo that Becky put on Facebook of the rain pouring into the back room at Painting With A Twist, Tampa... First of all because...It's still raining in Tampa???/ and It's still pouring inside the building... I thought they got that fixed last week...Guess not....So Sorry I wasn't there to help you bail, Becky.... I have been able to get a few projects started,while we are sticking close to home. Things are getting done. I can't wait for our company to get here on Friday night.. We haven't seen each other for many years and it will be great to catch up...... I am thinking about reopening my etsy shop so have been taking new pictures of my original paintings and furniture.... We shall see ... It,s midweek so hope it goes well for all, the rest of the week that is... bye for now....

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