Saturday, September 8, 2012

And The Rains Came and Came



Holy Smoke, It's Raining Inside the building now..... What the heck????
Anyway,  I got pictures while getting soaked, cleaning up this mess.....and the landlord is going to hear about this too!!!!!
It's been another busy week or two.... many painting projects. My favorite....
We found a small visitor (turtle) on the patio at home yesterday, smaller than a penny, and after a photo or two we sent him on his way...cute...
I have a class each day this weekend so that will be fun... [literally] I do have fun...
We celebrated PopPop's birthday this week with a dinner out and goodies from Housewife Bakery, eclairs and cream horns... His favorites. He would have been 106 this year. Happy Birthday PopPop. You are missed....
To the many people who have a birthday this month, we wish you the same.... Happy Birthday!!
I sent a painting off to be auctioned for the M.M.M. in New Orleans, knowing it will go to a good home and a good cause.  It is called "Speckled Eggs."

I sure hope you enjoy this beautiful Saturday...OK, it just started to rain again. Enough already!


  1. Beautiful paintings. I especially am taken with the cherry blossom and moonlight one. I have a thing for pictures of the moon and of cherry they are both combined into one! Stunning.

    I also live your rules. "don't drink the paint water". Haha! Love it!

  2. Thanks, I like that one too... The rules are things that have happened at work...Lots of fun....