Sunday, December 26, 2010


Who would have thought I would want to blog? Not me that's for sure ,but here goes .What a year it has been , both good and not so, but we have had a wonderful Christmas,even getting to visit with Jenn and Andy in Seattle via skype. Thank you guys for the Web cam for Xmas.With  family and friends around us and abundance of food and fun. What a way to go! I am truly grateful!!!   What next you say, Well I have a job interview set up for next wed. and its something I really want, so wish me luck with that, please. The Possibility's !! I am also waiting to hear from another job ,to set up an interview, both are teaching painting classes but very different venues. I have been out of work for five years, mostly by choice, but am now ready to get back to it and either of these jobs might suit me.   The weather here in Florida was absolutely beautiful Yesterday, for Christmas, but how quickly things have changed, it was 70degrees and sunny ,today its 48 degrees ,cloudy with 35 mile an hour winds and still I am grateful I am not anywhere else. Others have it so much worse. I am now madly trying to finish the last eight pages of the ArtHouse sketchbook 2011, It has to be in the mail by Jan.15th.My sister and I are both doing that and it has really  been fun to have someone to sketch crawl with, this is my first time to participate and its been good for me to do on location sketching. I have been following Urban Sketchers for a year now and have learned so much from it. WoW!!1 I now have a flickr account with all my sketches so far plus some of my other art work and I am pleased about that too. I have written Morning Pages for 12 years now, but it has been mostly a daily log not creative writting. I hope to do better on this blog.

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